31 July 2012

I am grateful to be a part of this outreach in spite of the overwhelming distractions couple of days before it.  Its a great privilege to serve others and have fun at the same time.

Early Bird at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Friends of Aryana. lol
Welcome to Bintan
Goodie Bags
Happy Birthday Allie!
Slippers that I was able to bring at home (with the hotel staff''s permission) lol.
Foods. To have a better taste of watermelon, get a least 3 slices. lol
Ruby, Kim and Me.
The kid & I.
Big cactus that caught my attention..hmmm.
Preparing Arts & Crafts + Skit.
Bread from Red Ribbon!
Team! Lets Go!
While doing the craft...

Singapore dont use handkerchiefs made of cloth, they use tissue instead. Got this cute mini hankies from my sister. Parang ayaw kong gamitin! Lol

I got this new lunch bag from a friend!
Inside is made up of foil. Super like !

27 July 2012

I was preparing my stuffs for tomorrow's outreach when these bonnets caught my attention. I was into bonnets, pala. During my younger days in SG, I go beyond my old-fashioned style and tried to put some creativity or "arte". Haha. I realized I haven't used these bonnets for quite some time. Maybe because Im getting older and my desire for these things started to slow down a bit. But I hope to use them once in while.

26 July 2012

I forgot my packed lunch this morning. Too late my Mom called and I was in the MRT already. Sign of aging, haha or I was thinking of something else when I left home. I dont know but I actually reached the office very early.

Took this time to have lunch with my colleagues whom I havent been with for the past weeks. I want to take some air also and breathe because the past 3 days were very stressful due to reports. Ok, so here am I with my ebi bolognese - rate of 5 out of 10, the ebi was nice but the pasta is like "so-so". Breaking my "packed-lunch routine" is OK once in a while - made me try something new but I still prefer to have my "baon" prepared and cooked by Mom.

25 July 2012

HR personnel started to put banner and flags on cubicles to prepare for the National Day of Singapore. It is celebrated every 9th of August to commemorate Singapore's independence from Malaysia. It features National Day Parade, National Day Rally or SONA in the Philippines and fireworks display. (Ok, I googled all this up.) Thanks Google :)

24 July 2012

Stayed late in the office, got tons of reports that I need to finish. On the other hand, I am grateful for my colleague who gave me a free ride to Bishan MRT. Convenient and comfy.

23 July 2012

One of the many things I am grateful and appreciate about Singapore is its safety. It feels safe and comfy walking around 10pm to rush something from a grocery store with pambahay mode. No sweat.

22 July 2012

Had a short meeting after church today with some of the participants of the outreach. Glad to meet new friends and was encouraged by them. I will be assigned in arts and crafts, need to squeeze out some "art blood" in me. Excited and grateful to be a part of this.

It was a blessed Sunday indeed. Today's message can be summed up in two words - No Offense. And during lunch time, Auntie Lily blessed me with free lunch and fruits. She once permed my hair and she's like the official hairdresser of ENCS.

21 July 2012

Ok, I admit that I'm into colors and prints but let's give way to 'black color'. I saw this plain black top at a garage sale near our place. "And if this is meant for me, I'd still see it here even after going to the market to buy the more important stuffs first. Its there when I came back! And I got it for only X! Awwwww!

I also love this black seat and a storage box at the same time. Im using this seat while writing and doing something with my laptop. Its actually the owners' and I am grateful that its inside my room - meant for me.

20 July 2012

My Boss' last day. I owe a lot from her - she's the one who interviewed and hired me! We gave her a farewell lunch, I wasnt able to take photos of our foods, (bigla akong nahiya, hehehe) but it was a nice and heavy lunch - fish, chicken, rice, veggie, sotong, dessert. Sarappp!

Grateful for her because she was the one whom God used for me to be a part of the company. Yes, she's a bit strict, seldom smile, but I cant forget that sweet smile of hers while giving KitKat chocolate. All the best!

19 July 2012

I just came home from work and this new room/bed arrangement surprised me. Tada! Courtesy of my Mom, of course. My Mom and I used to share in a big bed. Now its a single bed - just for me. Yey! Sarap na kasama sa bahay ang nanay. Thank You Lord!

18 July 2012

Faucet in the office used to be dripping . Water keeps on flowing and I dont know how to stop it. Sometimes you have to wait for another colleague to wash his/her cup para di ikaw ang mapagabutan. Grateful that its fixed already.

17 July 2012

Dad gave this book back in Nov last year. Haven't started reading it. Got busy and lazy at the same time. Hahaha. Yeah, I got the passion for reading from him. Thanks Dad!

16 July 2012

How do you treat pimples? Im using Body Shop's Best Seller Tea Tree Oil. It was actually recommended by a previous housemate. It dries pimples faster and removes blemishes. Lately, my pimples are popping out, maybe because of my work load. I find it effective, expensive though. Well, every good thing has its own price.

15 July 2012

How was your Sunday? Its our team's turn to serve in Kids Church. Grateful to serve and lead during praise and worship. Sometimes I would wear headbands / earrings just to catch the kids attention. Hahaha. Para di rin boring.

Ok, from now onwards I will be joining a new lifegroup. Grateful for new circle of friends. Its one of the many "new things" that God is doing in my life. Awesome! Looking forward for more of new things. Yey!

By the way, we also celebrated Ruby's birthday!!!

14 July 2012

This will be the first video on my blog. Its one of my favorite songs - Home by Chris Daughtry, (American Idol finalist season xx). There was kind of a blooper in the end....hahahaha...."baka mas sila pa daw ang sumikat kesa sa 'kin".

I love the message of this song, reminds me of the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible.  My favorite line is "Im going home, back to the place where I belong, where your love has always been enough for me....I don't regret this life you chose for me."

Credits: Chords, Strumming Pattern, Tutorial by YouTube. Enjoy watching!

13 July 2012

Meet my roommate. Hahaha. Grateful to be sleeping with my Mom even at this age.. Haha. Record breaking ito! While some may be sleeping with their hubby or with their kids, I am grateful to have spent evenings with Mom and had an "anything under the sun" conversation. Making the most out of it while single. Hahaha.

12 July 2012

Blogger mobile app helps me a lot in my project 365. Snap a photo, use instagram to edit and post right away. Grateful that blogging can be so convenient as this, i can update my blog anytime, anywhere!

11 July 2012

Words are indeed great motivators. Here's my skype conversation with our lady boss. Awwwww! I was encouraged with this simple yet powerful words from her. The following weeks will be tougher, grateful that she believes on what I can do in handling MY and SG accounts.

10 July 2012

Snapshots of the new place where I am staying - opposite to Sun Plaza. Grateful for this nice location - accessible to the grocery, food courts, botiques, clothing stores, accessories and even to MRT. Its far from my work place, but ok lah ok lah!

09 July 2012

This morning was the orientation for all new employees. I am grateful to be working for a company who gives excellent and warm welcome to new staffs. Manuals were given and department heads discussed about their roles and responsibilities. I realized that God gave me a wonderful job. Its indeed worth waiting on Him. On the other hand, this great gift requires great responsibility on my part. Praying for excellence and more love for my job. I used to see my work as a burden and a boring task. I should learn to receive this gift with a grateful heart and that I need to be a good steward of it.

As if this was not enough, we had a very good lunch together for FREE!

08 July 2012

I had other plans after church but was invited by a friend to come at Gardens by the Bay. Foah! Again I was amazed to see one of the beautiful things in Singapore.

One more thing, we played "sungka" before going to this place. Love it though I lost the game. Awesome Sunday!

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