23 November 2013

I can't believe that I did not blog for almost 1..2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6 months! And here am I catching up with some updates. 

First, my "vintage" laptop is back from the Philippines after its hard disk was replaced. (a big thanks to my Dad for doing it!) I hope I can blog more often now.

Second, I got my braces on. I'm going to have them for 6-8 months because my teeth are overbite and gaps are starting to become visible. I had difficulty eating in the first two weeks but now had slightly improved. Its a bit hard to have them on but what excites me was the different rubber colors which changes monthly after adjusting the wires. I can't wait to have them off!

Third, I have joined a movement through Instagram called "Peg it Forward". Their vision is to create positivity by secretly distributing messages of good will throughout the world via something as simple as a peg. Isn't it exciting? I used wooden clips and write something positive in it, clip it to the next stranger and snap a photo. People behind this are called "peg-ninjas."

Fourth, I got hooked into Joseph Prince' sermons. Yay! His videos and podcasts are really inspiring, letting me to see Jesus in a fresh and beautiful way. His preachings exalts no other name but the name of JESUS.  I didn't realized that JESUS could be so beautiful as this! Thank God for His grace, love, mercy and compassion.

16 November 2013

20 August 2013

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted something in here. Got some other priorities but I am glad I am back with something colorful.  I had the privileged to join the Color Run 2013 in Singapore held last Sunday, July 18 at Sentosa.  But let me share a story on how I got to join.

The first time I saw the ad at Facebook, I wanted to join because as you all know, I am a big fan of colors.(Yeah, my blog title shows..lol ) But for some reasons, I did not register. Actually, I was filtering my activities and this is one of those I considered as "this is fun, but its OK if I'll miss it." Life goes on. But it did not stop there. A friend offered me to take her slot but I refused.  (got to work on receiving issues on my heart). Couple of days before the event, another friend announced that someone cannot make it to the event and so the slot is open! This time, I said yes and accepted it.

Prior to taking the slot, I was telling God that I am OK with going church on a Sunday, hearing my favorite pastor preached about grace (*wink *wink). It was enough for me. But God is soooooo good and aware of what's inside my heart. He knows that I love colors and that I would enjoy the happiest and craziest 5k in my life. 

Some photos during the Color Run 2013! Enjoy!

08 May 2013

Oooooops.  I am not going to make a movie review on Julia Robert's  "Runaway Bride", though I really like that film.  I am blogging about the danger of running away from something you know you were called to do and from being someone you were called to be.  I came up with this blog post because I see myself exactly on the same spot where I told God "NO" and how I realized it was a total waste of time to really run away from God.  

I got reminded of the story of Jonah who run away from where God wants him to be and refused to do what God has called him to do.  It only brought disaster to him and to the people around him.  Sometimes pain and disaster has its way of bringing us back to the right track and come to our senses. "'Yung tipong kailangan pang masaktan, bago sumunod." 

But the best thing is that when we are ready and decided to come back, God will embrace us in spite of our disobedience. The parable of the prodigal son is a beautiful picture of the Father's heart to His children.  Amazing, isn't it? No condemnation from the Father, rather a big celebration to His son who got lost but was found. 

No more running, Chel. Run no more.

And so my grace story continues...

I went to a send-off dinner last night with friends.  But instead of me sending blessings to her before flying back to the Philippines, I think I was the one who was greatly blessed when someone prayed for me.  Several days ago I've been telling myself that "I want to be the disciple whom Jesus loved." Please don't get me wrong, Jesus loves everyone - you and me, without favoritism.  

Frankly speaking, I have this competitive spirit inside of me that led me to say those words. Back when I was studying, I always wanted to be on top of the class and achieve recognitions. When I got saved, the desire for honor has lessened but I think the competitive spirit remains in a different way.  hahaha. 

Tears fell from my eyes when someone prayed for me and said these words, - "like", "fond", "delight", that Jesus delights in me.  Praise the Lord! Jesus is pleased with me. Those words brought such joy in my heart, it felt like Jesus was affirming His affection for me and that Jesus and I are really "lovers".  Kakakilig! Feeling ko ang ganda ganda ko! hahaha. Those words are confidence-booster for me.

Snapshot of the four of us last night. Yey!

06 May 2013

"Everything that we do - big or small is an act of worship - organizing clothes is one!" quotable quotes from me. haha

05 May 2013

Grateful for these ladies - for prayers and encouragement. Yay!

04 May 2013

It was a different Sunday.  Instead of going to my church, I went to a different church to listen on preaching about grace.  I am really not the type of person who goes from one church to another but there is something inside of me that longs and desperate to be filled with grace preachings. It was a large venue / auditorium (grabe!) and I was surprised to see people queueing just to get in.  Actually, bookings have to be made in advance to secure seats.  I didn't get the chance to see the senior pastor in person because the sermon was recorded earlier. Nevertheless, it was a Spirit-filled sermon, full of grace and truth, exalting the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord! I was amazed how he preached the Word with such boldness and confidence.  

I am grateful for God putting seeds in my heart about grace back in the Philippines. He even connected me to a friend who's actually on the same season as I. It was so encouraging to share our "grace-experiences." I am excited on this season. I am truly blessed to experience His grace in a much deeper way.  I love grace. Amazing grace. 

26 April 2013

For the past weeks, I've been so overwhelmed with God's amazing grace in my life. The concept of God's grace was not so big for me before and that's why I am totally blown away to experience it in a much deeper  way now. I felt like I am a newly saved person receiving the gift of grace for the first time. Thoughts about myself and the way I view things started to change. Prayer and bible reading becomes even more exciting unlike before that I used to do it out of obligation.  And even if I missed my devotions,  I know God's love for me will never change and God still sees me righteous and holy because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ in me.  

I am officially in love with His grace. Indeed, it's all about His faithfulness, His goodness, His mercy and not mine.  Nothing compares to what Jesus did on the cross. I am still having goosebumps everytime I got reminded of what Jesus did on the cross for me.  "It is finished." There's nothing I need to do nor I can add to what He did. My role is to RECEIVE and REST on the finished work of Christ.  

I love grace. Amazing grace.

How would you respond if God tells you to say something to someone whom you barely know? 

I was checking some sale items at a mall and found bra containers which was on sale.   I thought that I could use it during overnights with friends and when travelling so I decided to buy one though I was really cost cutting.  While choosing between purple and pink, I got reminded of this young lady who used purple design during craft time on our alabaster brunch event. She said that purple was a sign of royalty.  But after half an hour of thinking (that long! Yeah - that's me) which is which, I chose pink.  Yey! A bra container for only $xxx! 

On my way home, I felt like God was telling me to give the item that I bought to that young lady in church and tell her that she is special and loved. I doubted if I really hear from God or its only me. I never really approach someone before and tell them that "This is what the Lord says", I thought its creepy. I ignore the thought but reaching home it got me thinking. "What if she thinks I am a lesbian if I give it to her?" (crazy me!) "Lord, she looks so happy and fine.", "We are not close friends.", "How would she react if I say those things to her?" "What if the word does not make any sense to her?" "What if she says I'm weird and creepy?" Besides it took me half an hour to choose this item and then God will tell me to just give it away! Nahhhhhh! The word is not from God, its just me.

As I was laying down and reading Rick Warren's devotion, I was totally in goosebumps when the Scripture reading for the day was on Jeremiah 1:7 which says "You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you." It was not  a coincidence anymore. I knew it was from God. The word confirms that God wants me to give it to her.

Sunday came. I felt like it was the biggest day of my life because I'll be doing something I've never done before. I didn't see her during the service.  But I know that I could possibly see her at the Foodcourt where  almost everyone goes to have their lunch. Fear gripped me again and so I didn't do what I was told to do.

I still had with me the gift when I reached home after the service.  There was an uneasy feeling inside of me. I know I should be doing something but I didn't do it.  And so I finally gave up on myself and messaged the young lady. Thank God for technology! Immediately the uneasiness was gone and was replaced with peace.  Few days later, I saw her again in one occasion and finally gave her my "precious bra container". I prayed for her and she told me that we should hang out some other time.

I was thinking why the young lady didn't say something like "That's what I needed to hear", "I was going through some rough time and I really got encouraged". But God impressed me something - that experience was not about the young lady nor the bra container. It's about God dealing obedience and submission in my heart. My resistance of obeying Him and all those excuses in my mind shows that I was concerned of my image and reputation towards other people which keeps me from doing what God has called me to do.

I know that there will be more instances like this and I pray that this experience will be a reminder for me to stop running away from God and wholeheartedly obey Him instead.

Photo from Google 

21 April 2013

Happy Anniversary to Mommy and Daddy + Hailee Yasmine's 1st Month! Missing the small celebration in the house :( Love you all! Praying for a long and healthy life for all of you.

Photo taken October 2011

13 April 2013

Hello everyone! How's everyone doing? Its been a while since I last posted something here on my small yet colorful world. Something went wrong with my phone and so was with the laptop. Any wild guess what's into my heart lately? It's cooking. Taking a break on blogging and giving way to frying pan, bowl, knife,   chopping board etc. etc. 

30 March 2013

Friday morning was spent biking with friends at EastCoast, barbecue and swimming in the evening. Followed by a movie which no one I think was able to finish. Haha. Everyone was tired and sleepy but enjoyed the fellowship. Second sleepover for the year, making the end of first quarter memorable. Grateful and truly blessed! (though I had a small cut on my feet due to biking).

28 March 2013

Some things that caught my attention today + quotes about music and art.

"I play a musical instrument a little, but only for my own amazement." - Fred Allen

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso

27 March 2013

Last installment of my ginisa series. Haha. Ginisang Pechay at Giniling. Serve hot and enjoy!

26 March 2013

The ginisa fever continues with this ginisang sitaw which is basically saute string beans along with garlic, onion, tomato and tofu. Again, thanks to panlasang Pinoy for the tutorial!

23 March 2013

Catching up with these ladies on an "alabaster brunch" was one of the best things on weekends. Deeply inspired and encouraged.

Ladies taking brunch before the event. 

Ate Grace showing her pen.

Our pens.

Author of the book "Finally the Bride" - Cheryl McKay and her husband Chris sharing their testimony via Skype. Thank God for technology! 

And here's what I order - Farmer's Omelette. Here's the funny thing - I took a heavy breakfast at home  (cooked it myself) without realizing I'm attending a "Brunch".  Helllo! (Wake up, Chel!) So as expected, I didn't finish my food but shared it anyway :)

Crafts for our pens.
Tada! This is my pen. I put colorful stickers because I love colors and like to explore different kinds of things - reading, blogging, dancing, painting, running, swimming, playing guitar etc. etc. The flowers are a reminder that I am a woman, beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made. I covered the lid of the pen white to symbolize purity and holiness.
What I wore: Purple Dress + Pink Scarf + Necklace+Doll Shoes+Stud Earrings

21 March 2013

My sister gave birth to another baby girl - Hailey Yasmine. Wohooooooooooo! Isn't she cute?

Are you a fan of overnights / sleepovers or whatever you want to call it?

I slept at a friend's house last night after going into swimming with her. Yes, we tried a different swimming pool like a professional swimmer. Haha.

I think her place was one of the cleanest house I've been to. (mahihiyang lumakad ang ipis at langgam sa kalinisan) Haha. It was a fun and encouraging night as we talk about grace and life's stories.  His grace is amazing! The night won't be complete with a little jamming on the side. Naks! I missed my guitar so badly and I was grateful that I was able to strum those strings again. 

I am not used to staying overnight at a friend's house because I just don't feel comfortable sleeping on somebody else's bed but this was one of a kind. Hehe. I think its grace...(still overflowing..)

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