31 August 2012

What's up this Friday? Nothing much. I went to a Pinoy store in Lucky Plaza to buy some of my stuffs. I used to try different brands for my toiletries when I first came in Singapore but I did go back to the original ones because they are cheaper, hahaha and nothing beats the original lah.

Happy Friday everyone!

Some notes I wrote during "Soaking" Moment. These are my real handwriting, haha and I am the only one who can understand it. Parang doktor lang.

30 August 2012

The class gets even more exciting. We had our 2nd foundation training session in a different venue where we were seated in mats/floors with matching candle aroma and the lights were off. It was not the usual "classroom type" setting.

We had our "soaking" moment. A moment between me and God, in His presence. Tears started to fall from my eyes when I realized how God loved me just the way I am. Be real with God and be real with other people.

The class requires me to stay late at night, though. But it was all worth it. I think if you really like something, you become unstoppable, "harangan ka man ng sibat".

I am being blessed so I can be channel of blessing to others.

Praying that God will continue to bless the work of my hands.

I am starting to like big blouses because it makes me appear bigger and hides my skinny body. I am excited to wear this polka dots blouse which again I was able to get a discount. Ako na ang reyna ng tawaran. Haha. This can be paired with either jeans or shorts. Yey!

26 August 2012

I spotted these white long sleeve top and pants which I've been looking for the past weeks. I like this white top that can be matched to skirt, jeans or shorts. I got a $1 discount because of the little stains which hopefully be removed after washing. I also bought white pants which I will use in the office as an alternative to my black pants. Yey! It feels good when you are able to buy such kind of stuffs.

25 August 2012

What are you up to this weekend? I stayed at home to take rest. I feel very weak due to my fever and monthly period. Sabay-sabaw!

Being sick for few days makes me loose weight faster that's why I'm eating as much as possible. Juices, fruits, lots of water and taking normal meals. I am grateful that Mom is here, it feels good when she's around. Praying for fast recovery so I can catch up with tomorrow's Sunday service and lifegroup.

24 August 2012

I did not go to office today because I was sick. I went to the clinic to get MC (Medical Certificate) and was told that I have allergy on drugs. Whaaaaat! Pati ba naman sa drugs! ( 'coz I also have allergy on dusts ). The doctor told me that some people are like that, he did say some medical explanation which I did not pay much attention. Haha. In short, I cant just take any medicine or non-paracetamol drugs.

He adviced me to take a lot of water. Then gave me medicine for running nose, cough & cold and sore throat. What a day! What a Friday!

23 August 2012

Sick mode. I had running nose, watery eyes and sneezing since this morning. I decided to leave early at work today to have some rest. Pero may batang makulit sa tabi ko. Wahhhhhhhh!

When you had a long day at work, got scolded by Boss, felt unworthy --- these words were like a bullseye in my heart.

Got this from the Awakening Foundation Training and brought me to tears.

21 August 2012

I have body and muscle pains today. Obviously, its because of the Kinect thing yesterday. My body is not used to too much movements and that's why I'm also not the sporty type. I remember enrolling to the gym and had exactly the same body pains after my first training. The same goes right after my dance class. I have to admit to myself that too much body movements drains my energy and affects my work performance.

I got reminded with my devotions couple of days ago about being responsible on keeping God's temple in good shape to serve Him better. Ooooops! I have to do some re-organization of my priorities, put limits and boundaries on my activities.

I had fun last night. I really did. At the same time, it taught me something about myself and the discipline that I need to implement to avoid too much fatigue.

20 August 2012

It was supposed to be a jamming session but it turned out to be a Kinect showdown. Haha. Grateful for Ruby and her housemates for welcoming us in their new place.

It was my first time to dance using Kinect. Its like a virtual dancing tutorial where you can have your own choice of songs and copy the avatar's dance steps. The goal is to copy the steps as much as possible and will be scored as Nice, Almost and Flawless. Kinect also features virtual games which is more tiring than dancing. I'd rather dance than play games.

Grateful to have someone in the lifegroup who's also interested in music. Cindy plays the keyboard and just like me is a beginner. We did record one song but I will not post it for the meantime, haha. I think we need more practice to improve. Looking forward for more jamming sessions!

19 August 2012

What's up this Sunday? Things were slightly different because I attended the church first service at 9:30. Then, we had our Life Group meeting at Toastbox. It was a very interesting topic and I was reminded of who I am in the eyes of God. I am His child, His daughter and not an ORPHAN. There was a checklist that reveals the heart of an orphan and I found out that most of the time I am acting as an orphan towards God and other people. I ought to be embracing a Father-Daughter relationship with God and not a Father-Slave relationship.

Excerpts from the Book:

1. What you think God feels about you is the way you will treat others in your everyday relationships.

2. A premature inheritance almost always ends up in waste.

3. Intimacy is to precede fruitfulness. On my own words, intimacy first with God than ministry.

The topic was a great reminder and a great encouragement for me. Yey! Looking forward to another meetings like this.

By the way, I signed up for the Creative Writing session which starts next week.

18 August 2012

I love weekends! Its a complete break from work where you can hang-out with friends, stay at home and do random things - and this is what I do more often. Haha.

We had late breakfast at KFC - I like their egg tart and porridge. I got excited with my sister's new Samsung phone. Ang ganda! Its bigger but lighter than Iphone. I like its wide screen and thought its best to use for my blog. Hmmmm. You're getting on my prayer lists. Haha.

Garage sale, flea market, ukay-ukay - whatever you call it, I enjoy looking and buying stuffs there. They are affordable and if you're patient enough, you can have the best stuffs. What are you up to this weekend?

17 August 2012

Yey! It will be a looooooooong weekend! Its a holiday to mark the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan.  Its actually on Aug 19 (Sunday) but observed in Aug 20 (Monday). Thanks Google for the info!

And yes its Friday - Boss who got promoted treat us for lunch from Pastamania! Grateful for the free lunch and I was also able to take some for dinner.  What a blessing! I like the pasta with white sauce, garlic bread and coleslaw.  

We also had the Oracle training today. There will be system migration from AEGIS to ORACLE which does not excite me at all because I am not yet familiar with the old system and now we are learning a new one. On the other hand, they say that its better, I dont know. But I realized that system migration is a very long process, it does not happen for only few months. It took years and they've been working on it since xxxx. Hahaha. Slowly it will "GO LIVE" but the whole system will be implemented sometime in April next year.

16 August 2012

"At inagawan mo pa si Lola sa suot mong yan." hahaha. These are the exact words that my Pinay colleague told me after seeing the cream-colored knitted shawl that I wear today. I bought this long time and wore it only once. This is my way of putting some style/art to simple tops or if I'm wearing jeans.

15 August 2012

I'm a big fan of accessories - Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and scarfs. I love this stripe scarf that gives a bit of style to plain tops.

Today Im wearing a plain green top and black skirt. The scarf does not only add style, it also hides my skinny body. Haha.

14 August 2012

This is how a normal Monday and Tuesday looks like in the office.

Mondays - refers to the first day of work where "Monday Blues" does not apply. It requires speed, energy and efficiency to its maximum level in order to finish a 200-line item report. Having lunch on your workstation is not a must but highly encouraged.

Tuesdays - refers to the second day of work where speed, energy and efficiency must be doubled in order to finish a 600-line item report. Lunch at workstation is highly encouraged. Brushing of teeth is expected to move late in the afternoon. Beware of impatience.

13 August 2012

Have you heard of Perx App? I only learned about this yesterday. Its an app for loyalty cards used to earn points. The app lists different establishments and its location for easy reference. It also shows the number of chops you accumulated and its rewards. I salute the person behind this app. Ang galing!

12 August 2012

How's your Sunday? I had a full-packed Sunday. It started in the morning where it was our team's turn to serve on Kids Church so I left home early. I didnt know that there was a worship training for teachers,  but I am grateful that I was able to catch up and be refreshed again.

We had our Life Group meeting at Grace's place. I find life group settings at home more fun and exciting, there's some kind of a personal touch for me. The food and fellowship was great! But nothing is more awesome than being reminded of how great the love of God is - His unfailing, everlasting and perfect love that I can freely receive. I dont need to perform to earn that love. Imagine, a love that is readily available for me. Amazing!

We headed to TAB - EN Central church afternoon service which was actually not part of the plan. Haha. I was once again "pulled" by friends. The praise and worship was awesome! I got interested with this workshop on creative writing/photography/dance/painting. I want to sign up on the creative writing session. Praying for God's provision and favor from work.

Kree8 - Creative Writing: Will I sign up? hmmmm.

Grace room :)

Worship Training Materials 

11 August 2012

Its weekend! No plans, no activities, no agendas for today. Spending mornings with my guitar - plucking, strumming, singing random songs. Im really not that good in playing guitar, it comforts and gives me that happy feeling everytime I learn a new song and sing. Grateful for music :)

10 August 2012

At last the owner of the house replaced the old washing machine with a new one. Now its back to the normal washing routine.

It didn't feel like Friday today. I was not in the mood to work. That's what happens when you had a day off before Friday. On the other hand, I am grateful that I was able to clear emails and follow up outstanding issues.

On my way home, I bought this small clamp that holds my hair so tight. Nahiya na kong kunin ung clamp sa sister ko which I think she enjoys using. Haha. Got a better one!

09 August 2012

Celebrating Singapore's 47th National Day at HOME. I didn't get much sleep last night so I want to take this time to rest and spend time with family.

Grateful for Singapore because it has become my 2nd home for the past five years. Yey!

Got this coolest chopsticks which seems to be celebrating National Day also. Haha. When I first came here, I dont know how to use chopsticks but eventually I got used to it. Im not sure if the photo below is the proper way of using chopsticks, that's my original version. Haha.

It was my first time to join large groups of people watching a movie. Grabe! Had a great time watching Bourne Legacy - one of the reasons was some scenes or should I say most of the scenes were taken from the Philippines. Makes me miss home.

We also had coffee/fellowship after the movie. And it was like 12midnight+++. It was also my first time to join a super extended fellowship! Yay! Buti na lang holiday the next day.

07 August 2012

Part of my job is to finish a 600-line item report every Tuesday. It has to be done with speed and accuracy. I am grateful that I was able to finish it today. Boss will be checking and am praying for less mistakes better no mistakes at all. Praying for favor to surround me as with a shield.

06 August 2012

I thought it would end in Bintan. It didnt, rather it was just the start of friendship / fellowship / brotherhood / sisterhood - I don't know how to call it anymore. Grateful how God has used the outreach to open doors for new circle of friends. The communication continues - kulitan, asaran at tawanan through WhattsApp group chat. Another thing to be thankful of - technology.

So we came up with another bonding - MOVIE, this time. I am looking forward to the biggest movie date ever - with 20+ people joining!!! Yey!

05 August 2012

It was so encouraging hanging out with these ladies. Hearing other people's stories and praying for each other is a thumb's up! Grateful for these ladies :)

04 August 2012

A lot of people queue just to have a taste of Gong Cha! A tea/coffee/juice store where you can choose your own sugar level. Nice! Grateful to have this near our place. When I start to crave, its only a few steps from home. Love the pearls! Yey!

03 August 2012

I was supposed to see an ex-colleague but due to heavy rains and me leaving the office late, I ended up having dinner with JC and friends who were actually people I met at the Bintan outreach. I cant believe I was "one of the boys", squeezing out the "cowboy side" in me. Haha. Grateful how God can replaced something in a snap. Sometimes things unplanned are the best.

As if this was not enough, while waiting for "JC and friends", I spotted accessories on SALE at Topshop - my Kryptonite! Its a buy 1, get 1 for FREE! I bought a pair of colourful earrings. I just hope I can wear them because they're really HUGE. Got a fish necklace for FREE crafted in a piece of wood. What an odd design! Grateful for Friday! Yey!

02 August 2012

Finally.... I found out that the app is called Tweegram. I've been seeing this on instagram but I dont know what app is this. Its like a "text app" where you can write phrases, words and verses then you can choose different styles/designs on your text.

Thanks to @thechroniclesofana for sharing. Yey!

01 August 2012

"Private and Confidential". I signed up for an insurance policy offered by a bank. The monthly premium wasn't that big so I bought the policy. Im not getting younger anymore - need to start investing on this stuff. My future is in God's hand though.

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