24 August 2012

Day 237: "I have drug allergy."

I did not go to office today because I was sick. I went to the clinic to get MC (Medical Certificate) and was told that I have allergy on drugs. Whaaaaat! Pati ba naman sa drugs! ( 'coz I also have allergy on dusts ). The doctor told me that some people are like that, he did say some medical explanation which I did not pay much attention. Haha. In short, I cant just take any medicine or non-paracetamol drugs.

He adviced me to take a lot of water. Then gave me medicine for running nose, cough & cold and sore throat. What a day! What a Friday!


Cindy Bulado
August 25, 2012 at 2:17 PM

Get well soon po sis!:-)
Dahil sa blog mo, ngaun ko lng ulit naopen ang blog ko at na-inspired
ako mag-update ng blog..sipag magsulat! 365 days project tlga hehe konti nlng..:-) Keep it up!:-)

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