30 September 2012

I don't know what's with colors that I got so attracted with them. Hmmmm.

Grateful that I was able to make it on my last day technical skills writing class. Wohooooo!

Not a fan of chocolates, but thanks anyway!

Lost at the airport and yet I was able to snap photos of the great ceilings.

So this is how we celebrate mid-autumn festival in the office!

Happy Birthday Cindy!

25 September 2012

It's my former colleague birthday. Yay! Though she does not want me to come to their place and celebrate, I invited myself and gate crash. Haha. She likes coffee and so I bought a cake in coffee flavor.

We used to hang-out more often but when I left the company, we only meet once in a while or if there's special occasion like this.

23 September 2012

So what's the equation all about? Its Aya's farewell party themed Headdress/Gangster attire. I wore a gypsie bonnet and a big pair of earrings. Yay! Finally, I was able to wear it! Ang bigat! Haha.

"Turon na may langka". Bagong paborito ng bayan.

21 September 2012

Will you buy these pencils? It says its unbreakable, no need to sharpen and non-clicking.

These colorful pencils caught my attention on my way home from work. Its quite expensive but I decided to buy it for office-use and for my writing.

....our words serve a purpose and there is always a greater message to bring to people.

20 September 2012

Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.

There is a free app which shows the step-by-step process of different categories - birds, furnitures, flowers, objects, etc. Below are some photos I took while my niece and I are spending an afternoon on my day off from work.

18 September 2012

Some photos I took while shooting the video for one of the "Bintaners" who's leaving Singapore.

I am excited to see this video! Woooohh. Its always a good time!

16 September 2012

This is also known as the "Mooncake Festival", "Moon Festival", "Lantern Festival" and is observed by Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar (Sept 30 this year). It signifies the end of fall harvest.
Source: Wikipedia

15 September 2012

Indoor playgrounds are common nowadays. There is one located in Ang Mo Kio Hub 4th floor where you pay $15/hr for every kid, $2 for adult. Fees are cheaper during weekdays. Its a big and safe playground for kids where wearing of socks and hand sanitizing are a must before entering. I like their socks, which I bought for $2.50 because it has rough footprints designs at the bottom to avoid slipping. I also like the big guns which uses soft small balls as bullets. There are long slides, obstacles, and pools with soft balls on it. I feel like I want to be a kid and play again.

Its a great place to send your kids which surely they would enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

14 September 2012

Here's a testimony of God hearing and answering our prayers. A friend of mine asks for prayer because she's feeling weak emotionally and spiritually. I prayed a short prayer asking God to comfort and strengthen her. After the prayer, she felt the comfort and encouragement from God. This testimony inspires me to pray more for God indeed answers prayer! God is good.

There is power in speaking God's word out loud in any situation that I'm going through. Speak it out LOUD!

13 September 2012

My all-time favorite Pinoy food - tinapa or smoked fish, tomatoes dipped in soy sause with kalamansi and chili. To enjoy this meal, magkamay at itaas ang isang paa habang kumakain. Hahaha. Bow!

11 September 2012

Again I am grateful that I was able to make it to our class. Glad to be hearing Alarice's message and hear some of her songs.

Creativity is my birthright - this is what strike me the most. I used to believe that I am not a creative person because back in my schooling years, I was more into academics and never participated in any art/drawing/painting/decors activity in the class. The lesson made me realize that God has put a seed of creativity in me and it was also part of my design.

I would like to share the short poem I have written in the class during our exercise. We were tasked to choose a painting and make a poem or anything about it. I entitled it "In His Hands"

Your hand gives, when I am in need
Your hand comforts, reminds me not to grieve
Your hand restores and I am renew
Jesus Your hand, only Your hands can make me new.

Your hand holds me, never letting me go
Even when I ran away, you won't let me go
Your faithfulness surrounds me and chase me like a shadow
And now I stand in Your presence in great awe!

In Your hands, I am safe
Yes Jesus, I won't be afraid
For Your hand holds everything together
And I am yours until forever.

10 September 2012

Today is my Dad's birthday! Yay! This is my latest photo with him when he visited Singapore for the first time.

Some funny thoughts about my Dad's birthday. He has 3 birthdays : Sept 10, Sept 15 and Nov 25. Hahaha. Official birthday is on Sept 10 and the rest are just mere confusion. How did it became three? They've been celebrating on the 15th but found out on his birth certificate that its on the 10th. The passport also says a different birthdate. So which is which?

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday Dad!

09 September 2012

Today's lesson in Kids Church is about GENTLENESS. I felt like God was speaking to me on this area in dealing with myself and with other people. There are times I tend to be impatient and loose my self-control. I really need God's grace to work this out in me.

We had lunch and lifegroup at Pizza Hut. It was a deep topic actually. Kat who just came from the Philippines joined our group and glad that she enjoyed it and met new friends as well.

Somebody who went to Vietnam gave us a keychain. Yay!

How was your weekend?

I slept the whole day - get up when hungry, practice plucking, play guitar and sing random songs then go back to sleep again. Haha. Nothing much to do and no plans for today.

08 September 2012

What's up this Friday? There's some kind of a slight change because we watched football game between Singapore and Philippine's Azkal. I am really not a fan of football but since its the team from the Philippines, I want to support and cheer them as well. It was my first time to watch a LIVE football match so I was kind of a hyper seeing the players run and chase after the ball. I was also glad to see Filipinos gathered together in spite of the rain in the midst of the game. Iba talaga ang Pinoy!

We had extended fellowship at Burger King and ordered my favorite Caramel Sundae!

By the way, Philippines won with 2-0 scores. It was all worth it!

06 September 2012

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers!

While teachers are celebrating their day today, I am taking my first-ever leave from work. Why on a Thursday? I actually planned it on Wednesday but Boss didn't approved due to report submission. Its best to take leave on Thursday so I will have time to clear emails for the whole week on Friday.

How did I spend the day off? Sleep. Thank God for putting me into a deep sleep and recover the sleepless night couple of days ago. Wohooooo!

In order to have enthusiasm at work tomorrow, I bought keyboard and mouse on SALE to replace the old one in the office. Yay!

I felt like I didn't have enough sleep because I was too tired. Its the exact opposite because most people tend to sleep faster when tired.

Taking this photo made me realize that I have big eyes. Hahaha. Pimples are starting to burst out also. Wahhhhh!

05 September 2012

Tuesday is the busiest day in the office and at the same time its my creative writing technical skills training. I have to admit that I struggled and pushed myself to attend my first class. Grateful that I was able to make it and praying that I can finish the elective in spite of the demands from my work.

Here are some photos I took before the class - fried dumpling noodle at dinner and Mashed Potato at Seven Eleven for my post dinner. Hahaha.

03 September 2012

My friends easily notice the hairs on my arms because they are a lot! Hahaha. I'm really not bothered at all. While in the Philippines, being "balbon" is cool, its the other way around in Singapore because hair removal centers are scattered all over. Though, their culture didn't convince me of having the hair on my arms be removed, I had my legs done because I often wear skirts and shorts.

Do you prefer shaving or not?

02 September 2012

Yay! Its Sunday! I attended the Kids Church Training and headed to the 2nd service right after. We had no Life Group meeting so I planned of going home but saw Sugar along the way so we ended up having lunch together. We had some bonding over these accessories on SALE! Here's my Kryptonite again. I can't stop myself from buying these blue necklace and bracelet that perfectly match together.

Nothing is more encouraging than catching up with friends and sharing your walk with God. Grateful for friends and meaningful conversations like this.

01 September 2012

Joyce Meyer said that I should take responsibility for my happiness. It should not depend on other people neither on my situation. Happiness can be found in God and in my relationship with Him.

I listed some things that makes me happy.

1. Clothes and accessories on SALE.
2. Blogging.
3. Learning a new song and playing my guitar.
4. Good meal.
5. Pimples that disappears in my face.
6. Good performance in job.
7. Quality time spent with family and friends.
8. Serving others and helping the less privileged.
9. Good movies.
10. True love.

I am created unique and so are the things that touches my heart. It might mean nothing to others but this means a lot to me. What makes you happy?

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