08 May 2013

Oooooops.  I am not going to make a movie review on Julia Robert's  "Runaway Bride", though I really like that film.  I am blogging about the danger of running away from something you know you were called to do and from being someone you were called to be.  I came up with this blog post because I see myself exactly on the same spot where I told God "NO" and how I realized it was a total waste of time to really run away from God.  

I got reminded of the story of Jonah who run away from where God wants him to be and refused to do what God has called him to do.  It only brought disaster to him and to the people around him.  Sometimes pain and disaster has its way of bringing us back to the right track and come to our senses. "'Yung tipong kailangan pang masaktan, bago sumunod." 

But the best thing is that when we are ready and decided to come back, God will embrace us in spite of our disobedience. The parable of the prodigal son is a beautiful picture of the Father's heart to His children.  Amazing, isn't it? No condemnation from the Father, rather a big celebration to His son who got lost but was found. 

No more running, Chel. Run no more.

And so my grace story continues...

I went to a send-off dinner last night with friends.  But instead of me sending blessings to her before flying back to the Philippines, I think I was the one who was greatly blessed when someone prayed for me.  Several days ago I've been telling myself that "I want to be the disciple whom Jesus loved." Please don't get me wrong, Jesus loves everyone - you and me, without favoritism.  

Frankly speaking, I have this competitive spirit inside of me that led me to say those words. Back when I was studying, I always wanted to be on top of the class and achieve recognitions. When I got saved, the desire for honor has lessened but I think the competitive spirit remains in a different way.  hahaha. 

Tears fell from my eyes when someone prayed for me and said these words, - "like", "fond", "delight", that Jesus delights in me.  Praise the Lord! Jesus is pleased with me. Those words brought such joy in my heart, it felt like Jesus was affirming His affection for me and that Jesus and I are really "lovers".  Kakakilig! Feeling ko ang ganda ganda ko! hahaha. Those words are confidence-booster for me.

Snapshot of the four of us last night. Yey!

06 May 2013

"Everything that we do - big or small is an act of worship - organizing clothes is one!" quotable quotes from me. haha

05 May 2013

Grateful for these ladies - for prayers and encouragement. Yay!

04 May 2013

It was a different Sunday.  Instead of going to my church, I went to a different church to listen on preaching about grace.  I am really not the type of person who goes from one church to another but there is something inside of me that longs and desperate to be filled with grace preachings. It was a large venue / auditorium (grabe!) and I was surprised to see people queueing just to get in.  Actually, bookings have to be made in advance to secure seats.  I didn't get the chance to see the senior pastor in person because the sermon was recorded earlier. Nevertheless, it was a Spirit-filled sermon, full of grace and truth, exalting the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord! I was amazed how he preached the Word with such boldness and confidence.  

I am grateful for God putting seeds in my heart about grace back in the Philippines. He even connected me to a friend who's actually on the same season as I. It was so encouraging to share our "grace-experiences." I am excited on this season. I am truly blessed to experience His grace in a much deeper way.  I love grace. Amazing grace. 

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