11 September 2012

Day 255: Creativity is my birthright.

Again I am grateful that I was able to make it to our class. Glad to be hearing Alarice's message and hear some of her songs.

Creativity is my birthright - this is what strike me the most. I used to believe that I am not a creative person because back in my schooling years, I was more into academics and never participated in any art/drawing/painting/decors activity in the class. The lesson made me realize that God has put a seed of creativity in me and it was also part of my design.

I would like to share the short poem I have written in the class during our exercise. We were tasked to choose a painting and make a poem or anything about it. I entitled it "In His Hands"

Your hand gives, when I am in need
Your hand comforts, reminds me not to grieve
Your hand restores and I am renew
Jesus Your hand, only Your hands can make me new.

Your hand holds me, never letting me go
Even when I ran away, you won't let me go
Your faithfulness surrounds me and chase me like a shadow
And now I stand in Your presence in great awe!

In Your hands, I am safe
Yes Jesus, I won't be afraid
For Your hand holds everything together
And I am yours until forever.


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