23 November 2013

Keeping my BLOG alive.

I can't believe that I did not blog for almost 1..2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6 months! And here am I catching up with some updates. 

First, my "vintage" laptop is back from the Philippines after its hard disk was replaced. (a big thanks to my Dad for doing it!) I hope I can blog more often now.

Second, I got my braces on. I'm going to have them for 6-8 months because my teeth are overbite and gaps are starting to become visible. I had difficulty eating in the first two weeks but now had slightly improved. Its a bit hard to have them on but what excites me was the different rubber colors which changes monthly after adjusting the wires. I can't wait to have them off!

Third, I have joined a movement through Instagram called "Peg it Forward". Their vision is to create positivity by secretly distributing messages of good will throughout the world via something as simple as a peg. Isn't it exciting? I used wooden clips and write something positive in it, clip it to the next stranger and snap a photo. People behind this are called "peg-ninjas."

Fourth, I got hooked into Joseph Prince' sermons. Yay! His videos and podcasts are really inspiring, letting me to see Jesus in a fresh and beautiful way. His preachings exalts no other name but the name of JESUS.  I didn't realized that JESUS could be so beautiful as this! Thank God for His grace, love, mercy and compassion.


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