19 August 2012

Day 232: "Not an orphan, but a daughter of my Father."

What's up this Sunday? Things were slightly different because I attended the church first service at 9:30. Then, we had our Life Group meeting at Toastbox. It was a very interesting topic and I was reminded of who I am in the eyes of God. I am His child, His daughter and not an ORPHAN. There was a checklist that reveals the heart of an orphan and I found out that most of the time I am acting as an orphan towards God and other people. I ought to be embracing a Father-Daughter relationship with God and not a Father-Slave relationship.

Excerpts from the Book:

1. What you think God feels about you is the way you will treat others in your everyday relationships.

2. A premature inheritance almost always ends up in waste.

3. Intimacy is to precede fruitfulness. On my own words, intimacy first with God than ministry.

The topic was a great reminder and a great encouragement for me. Yey! Looking forward to another meetings like this.

By the way, I signed up for the Creative Writing session which starts next week.


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