30 November 2012

Day 334: Nanny for a day.

It was my niece's field trip. Due to some health reasons, my Mom can't make it and since I am the most available and free person in the world (lol) I have to go with my niece. It excites me because I haven't been to Enchanted Kingdom and Tagaytay. Also, it made me nervous because this comes with a big responsibility for me.

First, we went to a farm and zoo in Tagaytay. My niece loves animals and she really enjoyed seeing them. She likes it especially when the birds were flocking on her hands while feeding them. Then, we headed to Enchanted Kingdom where its even more exciting and fun. Sadly, my phone battery was flat so I was not able to took more photos. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the rides and games there!

It was fun and tiring though joining the trip. There are many things that I learned and some spiritual sinificance which I will blog separately. Grateful to be a part of this exciting adventure.


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