04 November 2012

Day 305: I will be grateful for this day!

*Journal entry while inside the plane*

I am grateful that I can ride a plane and travel, see the amazing view above and the beautiful clouds that seems to be cotton candies asking me to eat them. Yummy! Yummy! Glad that I am seated on my favorite spot - beside the window where I can see things from above.

I am grateful that I can write and put my zillion thoughts to writing. I am grateful that I have hands to write, mind to think and the ability to put words together, make them into sentences and form paragraphs.

I am grateful that I have the coolest journal where each page has different designs and art on it. Grateful that I have a pencil that is so unique that I don't need to push every now and then because it is an auto lead pencil.

I am grateful to have travelled with Mommy and Hannah. I'd be able to spend time with Mom and Dad and the rest of the family in the Philippines, sharing the love of Christ with them.

I am grateful for the foods/snacks sold in the plane (beef cup noodle and ensaymada). I am starting to get hungry  while writing this entry.  I am grateful for the short entertainment inside the plane, a game where we have to guess the singer of the song.  I didn't win but I am glad that it somehow diverted my attention and stopped worrying and thinking.

I am grateful that I have my pencil refills. I need to refill because I think I write long enough.

I will be grateful for this day!


Cindy Bulado
November 20, 2012 at 8:51 PM

Missed you Cel!:-(

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