08 October 2012

Day 281: What's your gift?

What's your gift? 

I completed a list of 135 statements to find out which gifts are strongest and which are weakest. Here's my top 3 gifts:

1. SERVICE (scored 11).  This is the same as my LOVE language. I remember answering Gary Chapman's Love language quiz and I got ACTS OF SERVICE as my primary love language. I always wanted to do things for other people and serve them in different ways.  I may not come from a rich family but I desire reaching out to old people, poor families and abandoned kids. Any activity or program that reaches to the less privileged excites me. I think serving others is a way to die to yourself and to get rid of any form of selfishness.

2.  TEACHING (scored 10).  Yes, I enjoy teaching! I wanted to speak to people and share my ideas and knowledge.  Training a new colleague excites me as well as teaching and leading small groups. This explains why I took  a  part time job in a tutorial center and lead small groups back in the Philippines.

3. WISDOM (scored 9).  I think this gift is related to gift#2 because I cannot have the gift of teaching without wisdom and knowledge.  Someone prophesied that God has put wisdom and knowledge in me so I can help and lead people and this prophecy only confirms this gift.

I also got a score of 9 to Voluntary Poverty. This sounds funny because I actually came from an average family.  I got 8 to Knowledge, Exhortation, Missionary, Faith, Leadership and Celibacy! (I actually don't want this gift, because I desire to get married, lol).

I am grateful that God has given me these gifts but I know it requires huge responsiblity in me. 


Cindy Bulado
October 9, 2012 at 10:33 PM

haha..how did you get that?
Ako din hehehe

Maricel Alpuerto
October 10, 2012 at 11:22 AM

eto ung binigay ni ate grace last time we had our LG. Cge, I'll bring this on Sunday :)

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