14 October 2012

Day 287: Love! Love! Love!

I think this is the best ring I've ever had which I only got for xxxx! Haha. Ako pa! It was so unique from the other rings and felt like God is sealing His love for me. Wearing this ring requires both my forefinger and middle finger and its a bit difficult to separate my 2 fingers because of LOVE. Galing! Its like what it says in Romans 8:38-39. Yay! (Sorry, if I'm petty or too much detailed or religious or call me whatever, but this ring spoke so much about God's love in the midst of what I am going through).

It was so timely that we watched a documentary film entitled the Furious Love of God during Life Group. Love is indeed the most poweful tool to touch the lives of other people. Unless I received and experienced the true, pure and selfless love of Christ, I can never share it to others. Awesome short film!


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