01 December 2012

Day 335: How to beat your allergies?

I would like to share this interesting article from Reader's Digest February 2012 edition about beating allergies. Here's how to use your diet to ease the sneezes:

1. Choose chicken not beef. A study found that people who had the most trans-oleic acid in their diets - a form of mono-unsaturated fat found in red meat and dairy products - were nearly three times as likely to have hay fever as those who ate the least.

2. Eat an orange every morning. They're rich in vitamin C, a natural antihistamine. Some studies link low vitamin C levels with allergies.

3. Avoid monosodium benzoate. A study found that this preservative triggered sneezing and an itchy nose in adults without allergies. Its often found in juices, pickles, olives and salad dressings.

4. Sip green tea. Japanese scientists identified a compound (ECGC) in the brew that blocks a key cell receptor involved in producing an allergic response.


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