20 August 2012

Day 233: Jamming turned Kinect adventures.

It was supposed to be a jamming session but it turned out to be a Kinect showdown. Haha. Grateful for Ruby and her housemates for welcoming us in their new place.

It was my first time to dance using Kinect. Its like a virtual dancing tutorial where you can have your own choice of songs and copy the avatar's dance steps. The goal is to copy the steps as much as possible and will be scored as Nice, Almost and Flawless. Kinect also features virtual games which is more tiring than dancing. I'd rather dance than play games.

Grateful to have someone in the lifegroup who's also interested in music. Cindy plays the keyboard and just like me is a beginner. We did record one song but I will not post it for the meantime, haha. I think we need more practice to improve. Looking forward for more jamming sessions!


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