26 April 2013

"I love grace. Amazing grace."

For the past weeks, I've been so overwhelmed with God's amazing grace in my life. The concept of God's grace was not so big for me before and that's why I am totally blown away to experience it in a much deeper  way now. I felt like I am a newly saved person receiving the gift of grace for the first time. Thoughts about myself and the way I view things started to change. Prayer and bible reading becomes even more exciting unlike before that I used to do it out of obligation.  And even if I missed my devotions,  I know God's love for me will never change and God still sees me righteous and holy because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ in me.  

I am officially in love with His grace. Indeed, it's all about His faithfulness, His goodness, His mercy and not mine.  Nothing compares to what Jesus did on the cross. I am still having goosebumps everytime I got reminded of what Jesus did on the cross for me.  "It is finished." There's nothing I need to do nor I can add to what He did. My role is to RECEIVE and REST on the finished work of Christ.  

I love grace. Amazing grace.


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