04 May 2013

Grace Revolution

It was a different Sunday.  Instead of going to my church, I went to a different church to listen on preaching about grace.  I am really not the type of person who goes from one church to another but there is something inside of me that longs and desperate to be filled with grace preachings. It was a large venue / auditorium (grabe!) and I was surprised to see people queueing just to get in.  Actually, bookings have to be made in advance to secure seats.  I didn't get the chance to see the senior pastor in person because the sermon was recorded earlier. Nevertheless, it was a Spirit-filled sermon, full of grace and truth, exalting the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord! I was amazed how he preached the Word with such boldness and confidence.  

I am grateful for God putting seeds in my heart about grace back in the Philippines. He even connected me to a friend who's actually on the same season as I. It was so encouraging to share our "grace-experiences." I am excited on this season. I am truly blessed to experience His grace in a much deeper way.  I love grace. Amazing grace. 


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