20 March 2013

That sweet, gentle voice that says.....

Someone whom I am in a relationship with tells me in a sweet, gentle voice --- "Be a Woman" and though it was spoken without being harsh and rude, there was kind of a resistance, as always in my mind. I am not the "womanly" type kind of person, it feels like I'm weak and I just felt that I will be catching attention from men if I act like a woman (and I don't like it!).

"Well,  I have called you to be a woman, with a gentle and quiet spirit. I desire that you rise up and be beautiful, not in the world's way but according to what I perceived is beautiful."

How's that possible when I am used to being in control, fierce and childlike at times? 

"My grace which is sufficient will work that "Woman" thing in you. My grace will make you the woman that I called you to be."

(The person that comes to my mind while blogging about this subject is Princess Kate. Isn't she beautiful?)


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