14 March 2013

Being in Shape is a Spiritual Discipline

I always thought that spiritual discipline refers only to Bible reading and prayer.  But then, I came across Rick Warren's devotional that says being in shape is not just physical but a spiritual discipline.  It's not just about losing a few pounds, wanting to live longer, or trying to look nicer.  He explained that God created our body and Jesus died for it.  God is going to hold us accountable for how we managed what He gave.  Also our body is God's temple, was bought at a price and for that it needs to be taken care of.  

In addition to that I see myself getting married someday, give birth, have kids and take care of them as well as my husband which all requires a healthy and strong body. Is this too much thinking? haha. So the next time I don't feel like running or swimming or engaging to any form of exercise, let this be my motivation.  


Cindy Bulado
March 21, 2013 at 7:54 PM

Ako rin!:-) thanks for sharing that revelation sis!:-) I was really encouraged:-)

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