23 March 2013

Alabaster Brunch

Catching up with these ladies on an "alabaster brunch" was one of the best things on weekends. Deeply inspired and encouraged.

Ladies taking brunch before the event. 

Ate Grace showing her pen.

Our pens.

Author of the book "Finally the Bride" - Cheryl McKay and her husband Chris sharing their testimony via Skype. Thank God for technology! 

And here's what I order - Farmer's Omelette. Here's the funny thing - I took a heavy breakfast at home  (cooked it myself) without realizing I'm attending a "Brunch".  Helllo! (Wake up, Chel!) So as expected, I didn't finish my food but shared it anyway :)

Crafts for our pens.
Tada! This is my pen. I put colorful stickers because I love colors and like to explore different kinds of things - reading, blogging, dancing, painting, running, swimming, playing guitar etc. etc. The flowers are a reminder that I am a woman, beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made. I covered the lid of the pen white to symbolize purity and holiness.
What I wore: Purple Dress + Pink Scarf + Necklace+Doll Shoes+Stud Earrings


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