21 March 2013

Inside the polls: Sleepover or not?

Are you a fan of overnights / sleepovers or whatever you want to call it?

I slept at a friend's house last night after going into swimming with her. Yes, we tried a different swimming pool like a professional swimmer. Haha.

I think her place was one of the cleanest house I've been to. (mahihiyang lumakad ang ipis at langgam sa kalinisan) Haha. It was a fun and encouraging night as we talk about grace and life's stories.  His grace is amazing! The night won't be complete with a little jamming on the side. Naks! I missed my guitar so badly and I was grateful that I was able to strum those strings again. 

I am not used to staying overnight at a friend's house because I just don't feel comfortable sleeping on somebody else's bed but this was one of a kind. Hehe. I think its grace...(still overflowing..)


Cindy Bulado
March 21, 2013 at 7:50 PM

Haha..thank you sis!:-) really had a great time with you last night!:-) so refreshing :-) and also talking about His Grace! grabe amazing!tlga si Lord :-)

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