16 March 2012

Day 76: Eat Bulaga.

Eat Bulaga is the longest running noontime show in the Philippines. I love watching this show because it caters to the common people o masa. My favorite segment is Pinoy Henyo where its a game played by two players whose main objective is to guess the word on the first players forehead only by asking questions. The other player only answers "Yes", "No", "Maybe".  They were only given 2 minutes to guess the word and whoever gets it the fastest wins. This game would really make you think and be mindful in asking questions.What I also like about this game is seeing people's facial expressions from the audience's side. hahahaha. Kakatawa lang!
I also like Juan for All, All for Juan hosted by Jose, Wally and Paolo. Galing nila! They will visit barangays live and will choose one person whom they will visit. Hearing other people's real stories is so inspiring and funny as the hosts make jokes out of it. Panalo talaga! I just wish that Eat Bulaga will also be aired when I'm out of the Philippines.


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