25 March 2012

Day 85: Blogger Madness!

I've been spending more hours on my blogsite. I guess I'm really hooked on Blogger. Choosing a template, background, blog name, fonts and colors, labels, widgets etc. really take time. Funny, I thought that I have chosen a good one then the next day you find another that is better. So please bear with my site if it keeps on changing from time to time. I'm doing a lot of reading for tips and better suggestions because I'm totally new on Blogger. I'm also checking other people's site for tips and I was like how the heck did they do that!

I wanted a masterpiece, of course. It does not happen overnight.  I wanted my site to be an excellent one so I will be more inspired and motivated to check on it everyday. Besides, this is where I will be posting everything about myself, my life and story, so it should really be a great site. 


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