20 March 2012

Day 80: Steady my Heart.

 I had my guitar strings replaced today. While the man was putting the new strings , we had a small conversation about ourselves.  Found out that he had 2 kids, got married at age 47 to a woman who at that time was only 27!  And I was like foah! It didn't surprise me seeing the man's reaction when I told him that I had never been  into a relationship. I told him that I am fickle minded. I would like a guy for a week or two, sometimes months but it disappears too fast. And so I decided not to enter into a relationship to avoid both parties being hurt. (Ok, this part I didnt told him.) There are still issues in my heart that God is working out, I want to be complete first with God, know more of myself  and love myself more. There was an instance in the past that I forgot myself because I was sooo in love with the idea of being in love. (cheesy-ness). My heart needs to be steady first in Him so I can love wholeheartedly and unwaveringly. I guess this boils down to loving God with all of my heart, my soul, mind and body. Seeking Him first and strengthening my relationship with Him so I can be 100% sure, without any change of mind that he's the one whom God has prepared for me.


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