29 March 2012

Day 88: Waiting on God.

Photo by The-Silver-Doe
I was hesitant to blog about this subject because honestly I am the impatient kind of person.  I don't want to wait (who wants to wait anyway?) and I want to get things in a blink of an eye.  I realized that waiting is something that we all need to go through, its like a requirement that we need to take and unless we learn how to really wait on God's perfect timing, we would never receive the promises of God in our life. Let me put this in an equation, 

God's perfect time = God's good, pleasing and perfect will

Oftentimes, I would find myself wanting only God's best but not wanting to wait on Him.  I have made decisions in the past that are a result of my impatience. I am thankful for the grace of God that restores me after all those hasty decisions. But I don't want to be in an  "impatience-restoration" cycle walk with God.  Sadly, I have learned the lesson the hard way.

I've been waiting for a lot of things from God and waiting for Him to act is just killing me! There are also discouragements and negative thoughts along the way telling me to give up.  But then again, I would always remind myself that I am waiting on a God who has proven Himself faithful even to the point of grave. He will certainly come through with His promise.  I will keep on pressing on! I have resolved to wait upon the Lord and not go ahead of Him.


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