03 August 2012

Day 216: And I ended up with JC and friends on a Friday night...

I was supposed to see an ex-colleague but due to heavy rains and me leaving the office late, I ended up having dinner with JC and friends who were actually people I met at the Bintan outreach. I cant believe I was "one of the boys", squeezing out the "cowboy side" in me. Haha. Grateful how God can replaced something in a snap. Sometimes things unplanned are the best.

As if this was not enough, while waiting for "JC and friends", I spotted accessories on SALE at Topshop - my Kryptonite! Its a buy 1, get 1 for FREE! I bought a pair of colourful earrings. I just hope I can wear them because they're really HUGE. Got a fish necklace for FREE crafted in a piece of wood. What an odd design! Grateful for Friday! Yey!


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