17 August 2012

Day 230: Its a loooooooooong weekend!

Yey! It will be a looooooooong weekend! Its a holiday to mark the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan.  Its actually on Aug 19 (Sunday) but observed in Aug 20 (Monday). Thanks Google for the info!

And yes its Friday - Boss who got promoted treat us for lunch from Pastamania! Grateful for the free lunch and I was also able to take some for dinner.  What a blessing! I like the pasta with white sauce, garlic bread and coleslaw.  

We also had the Oracle training today. There will be system migration from AEGIS to ORACLE which does not excite me at all because I am not yet familiar with the old system and now we are learning a new one. On the other hand, they say that its better, I dont know. But I realized that system migration is a very long process, it does not happen for only few months. It took years and they've been working on it since xxxx. Hahaha. Slowly it will "GO LIVE" but the whole system will be implemented sometime in April next year.


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