12 August 2012

Day 225: Full-packed Sunday.

How's your Sunday? I had a full-packed Sunday. It started in the morning where it was our team's turn to serve on Kids Church so I left home early. I didnt know that there was a worship training for teachers,  but I am grateful that I was able to catch up and be refreshed again.

We had our Life Group meeting at Grace's place. I find life group settings at home more fun and exciting, there's some kind of a personal touch for me. The food and fellowship was great! But nothing is more awesome than being reminded of how great the love of God is - His unfailing, everlasting and perfect love that I can freely receive. I dont need to perform to earn that love. Imagine, a love that is readily available for me. Amazing!

We headed to TAB - EN Central church afternoon service which was actually not part of the plan. Haha. I was once again "pulled" by friends. The praise and worship was awesome! I got interested with this workshop on creative writing/photography/dance/painting. I want to sign up on the creative writing session. Praying for God's provision and favor from work.

Kree8 - Creative Writing: Will I sign up? hmmmm.

Grace room :)

Worship Training Materials 


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