21 August 2012

Day 234: Keeping God's Temple in Good Shape.

I have body and muscle pains today. Obviously, its because of the Kinect thing yesterday. My body is not used to too much movements and that's why I'm also not the sporty type. I remember enrolling to the gym and had exactly the same body pains after my first training. The same goes right after my dance class. I have to admit to myself that too much body movements drains my energy and affects my work performance.

I got reminded with my devotions couple of days ago about being responsible on keeping God's temple in good shape to serve Him better. Ooooops! I have to do some re-organization of my priorities, put limits and boundaries on my activities.

I had fun last night. I really did. At the same time, it taught me something about myself and the discipline that I need to implement to avoid too much fatigue.


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