20 April 2012

Day 111: Overnight at sister's house.

 My brother-in-law was not around so my sister invited me to spend the night with them.  This was actually the second time I slept at my sister's house. Yay! Again, the reality of what a married life is starting to unfold right before my very eyes. All throughout the day, she has been shouting and "nagsasaway" to her two kids - a girl and a boy. My niece has a lot of demands and sometimes would cry without any reason at all. My nephew, on the other hand, was running here and there! They will play while eating and will mess up their food. They will do a lot of "delaying tactics" before brushing and bathing. My sister admits that its hard because she's working at the same time.Though she had a helper, she would still do other household chores after work (she's a teacher).  Ok, that's enough for my sister's life. Lol.

I realized that when I ask and pray to get married, I am not just asking a piece of candy that God would give right away.  Its not as easy as I thought. It dawned on me the importance of preparing yourself while single.  Also, I see marriage as the season where its not about me anymore, its about the kids, its about raising a family better than the one I was brought up to. Now I appreciate more my singleness and wanting to be prepared more than ever.


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