17 April 2012

Day 108: Passport Renewal.

Got my passport renewed this morning. I am glad that DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) office is in our hometown because other people from nearby province will travel long hours just to get here. I am just so happy that I am from Lucena City. Its cheaper to have my passport renewed here in the Philippines than abroad so I would like to take advantage of it,  10 days will be the processing, though.  While waiting for my queue, I looked on my passport stamps and realized how great God is.  It was 24th of May 2007 when I left for Singapore. Excitement, fear, anxiety - all emotions were there because it was my first time to ride on a plane. Grabe! I have no idea why God would bring me in Singapore. It never crossed my mind the thought of working abroad, in fact I once told myself and even my friends that I don't see myself leaving the Philippines. Yay! At kinain ko lahat ng mga salita ko because God intrudes my own plan to give me a better one.  

Turning the pages of my old passport, I am thankful how God has brought me to different places - Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Not all people have the privilege of travelling and here I am going from one place to another.  Honestly, I didn't appreciate all these things at first, but later on I realized that God has always a better plan for me and that I needed to trust Him even it does not make any sense.


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