07 April 2012

Day 97: Its my 29th!

Yay! Its my birthday! I didn't have a feastful celebration this year, in fact this is the most unique of all because I celebrated it only with my best friend.  I am thankful that even she's already married, we got to have quality bonding where we share what's going on with our lives. I know a lot of people from church but I have only like 2-3 close friends where I can really tell everything. Bondings like this brought so much encouragement in my life and in my walk with God.  I was discouraged in the past weeks because of what happened to my job and I am thankful for God lifting me up through a real friend. I am overwhelmed with the grace of God carrying me all these times. Thankful for the love of God filling my heart once again. Since its another year of my life, I felt like its another fresh start in my walk with God. Lately, God has been impressing to me the importance of sharing my life with others, loving each other deeply with the love of Christ and valuing RELATIONSHIPS more than achievements and worldly possessions. There are times I tend to withdraw myself from other people and think only of myself.  It was so selfish of me! Thank God for showing me all these things. Truly, apart from Him I can do nothing.


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