02 April 2012

Day 93: Project Runway Philippines S3

I didn't know that Project Runway is being shown here in the Philippines and now on its Season 3! Wow! It is hosted by Tweetie de Leon and other famous fashion designers in the country. I enjoy watching the show because it features different designs, clothes, prints, patterns made by artistic people. These designers would compete with each other to create the best clothes based on the theme that the host will give at the beginning of the show. They will be judged and the poorest designs would be eliminated.  Unbiasedly speaking, the Philippines version will never be as good as the Project Runway in America hosted by Heidi Klum but I'm just so glad that our country is able to "franchised" that show.  

There are more gay contenders and I think there's only about 3-4 female designers. That makes the show even more interesting. Yay! Great show!


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