10 April 2012

Day 101. English quizzes.

To get rid of boredness, I answered some of the English quizzes online. It is a test of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. It was fun answering and glad to see the results at the end, some failed and others are a perfect score. I am thankful that I can still recall some of my English lessons and I think this will be a great help for blogging. Yey! Below are sample questions in the test. If you want to learn more, you can follow them at EnglishClub on G+.


Grammatical Terms Quiz

Choose the term on the right that matches the definition on the left.
A word opposite in meaning to another:
A group of words that usually go together (eg fish and chips):
A group of words that includes a subject and a finite verb:
A word that connects two parts of a compound sentence:
A combination of two vowels:
A phrase that is not intended to be understood word for word:
A verb that has a subject but no object:
Expressing an action done to the subject:
The subject does the action and receives the action:
A phrase added to a statement to make a question:
Your score is:


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