09 April 2012

Day 99: Easter Sunday.

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 Easter Sunday and also my best friends' daughter (Selene) birthday. Skipped church and went straight to the celebration to be welcomed by church people. Yay! I was one of the first to came, thought I was late. It was awkward because the first batch of visitors were all family.  A lot of things has changed, my church friends are already married and have kids and so the first 3 hrs of my stay there was like Boom! Though I know most of them but it was a bit of struggle.  It was different, what can I expect, I've been away for 4 years and it was only now that I had quality fellowship with them.  I chose to work abroad though I didn't like it at first.  I didn't regret it though because the experience taught me a lot about myself and my walk with God. Singles came. Now I've got some real company! There's Lilibeth who was a friend since college and still have her blooper stories.  Hyped once again with all those jokes! hahaha.  Love the fellowship!


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