21 April 2012

Day 112: Why does it have to be Colton?

Last week's emotional "one-save vote" to Jessica Sanchez was indeed another record in American Idol. However, this week's elimination was very disappointing.  Colton is one of my favorites and even see him as one who will hold the AI title.  He has the complete package - has the looks, great voice, can play the piano and the star quality. I can also see the frustration on the judges faces and other contestants as well. They believed on Colton's talent and what he can do and I think he's better than some of the contestants who were saved. Colton admitted that he was not on himself when he performed last Thursday and promised that he will learn from it.  He sung his favorite worship song - Everything by Lifehouse as his last song. I'm not sure if he's a Christian or not but it made me admire him more.  At the end of the day, whether win or lose, he gave the glory to God and dedicated everything to Him.


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